A Patient's Guide


The Lips

The lips are the stage and setting for our dental presentation. They act as if they are a frame surrounding a beautiful picture we are exhibiting. Diffrent choices of smile design can influence the perception of lipshape.

The Gums

Think of the gums as the scenery on a stage or the background of a painting! They must be in proportion and harmony to provide a perfect setting for our presentation.

The Central Incisors

The central incisors are the star actors of our creation. Thet must be exactly the same size and totally symmetric. They should be the same length in height as well as at the gumline. The central incisors should be approximately 75% as wide as they are long.

The Lateral Incisors

The lateral incisors are a supporting actor, giving charactor and importance to the centrals beside them. By being slightly diffrent from each other they add a touch of "assymmetric symmetry" to the smile. They should be slightly shorter than the central incisors in height and at the gum level. The lateral incisors should be approximately 2/3 the size of the centrals.

The Canines

The canines are like a character actor giving either strength or softness to our smile production. They may not be noticed much but their presence and influence are always felt. They are the cornerstone and pillar of the dental arch providing strength and guidance for our bite. The canines should be the same length as the central incisors in height and at the gum level.

The Back Teeth

The back teeth serve as the rest of the players in our motion picture or play. They add depth and dimension to the presentation. They complete the esthetic picture.