A Patient's Guide


A. Porcelain Veneers

Closing gaps with Porcelain Veneers

There is a large space between this young lady's front teeth. It exists because her toothsize is too small for the size of the dental arch!

To ensure a healthy and esthetic result, it is necessary to align the roots of the four upper front teeth so that each tooth can be slightly increased in size allowing porcelain veneers to modify the tooth size, and be in proportion with her facial features and maintain oral health.

Changing tooth shapes using Porcelain Veneers

By bonding a longer porcelain veneer to the original tooth we can add length to short, worm teeth making them look younger and stronger.

Veneers can cover stained, discolored teeth, be applied to whiten and brighten the entire smile, or be made to exactly match the existing teeth.

Esthetic Restoration

With meticulous planning and artistic skills, artificial porcelain restorations can be used to straighten crooked or misshaped teeth, appear to immediately change their position and completely change the form of a person's smile.

Well done cosmetic dentistry can lead to dramatic results and positive impact on a person's appearance and self confidence.

Arch expansion using Porcelain Veneers

Changing tooth positions with a porcelain restoration

B. Resin Bonding

Cosmetic Resin Bonding uses tooth colored resins which adhere to existing natural enamel to restore, broken, decayed, discolored teeth and to recreate natural shapes and contours. this is a time tested technology that delivers predictable and satisfactory results.

C. Whitening

Over the years have stained. (Coffee, tea, red wine, colored food,smoking, etc..)

Tooth whitening technology has given us the ability to remove years of internal tooth stains and return teeth to their natural color.

D. Gumline modifications

Artistic alteration of a patient's gumline can often dramatically enhance their entire facial appearence!

Think of your gums as the scenery in amasterpiece painting. They must be in proportion and harmony to complete the perfect dental picture.

E. Tooth Implants