A Patient's Guide


The magic combination of meticulous treatment planning together with special chemistry between patient, dental team and lab technician is usually common to our most successful cases.

The appearance of a person's teeth can dramatically influence how they are perceived by others. By altering tooth shape, size length, and color we can influence perception of age, personality and projected self confidence.

Not too long ago, dentists simply took an impression of their patients teeth, sent it to the dental lab and hoped for the best result the technician could design, when a general dentist referred a patient to a specialist, he left the treatment up to the specialist and accepted the result as being " all that was possible".

However by the 1980's not everybody was content with "Austin Powers teeth". They actually wanted nice looking natural teeth and dentists began learning how to properly diagnose, treatment plan and communicate exactly what they required to their dental labs and carious dental specialists.

Today we are constantly thinking outside the box, working intensely, pushing the barriers of esthetic dentistry to new heights. By taking the attitude that we don't know everything we always manage to learn more. We are striving to achieve completely natural esthetic dentistry aiming for 'asymmetric symmetry" (harmony without symmetry) as natural teeth do not present a perfect symmetry